Dance Of Darkness

Christmas has past by so quickly, there wasn't even enough time to realize that 2010 has already arrived!
Another year full of new adventures, encounters and surprises...
But before we peel off our old skin in order to get rid of nasty habits and unaccomplished resolutions, we need to go on a post-christmas-mission called: Gift-Return!
Santa is getting a bit long in the tooth, so sometimes he seems to be confused and presents us with things we already got or just don't really want!
So this year I my mission brought me to the bookshop!
I love spending my spare time in between tons of books, wandering around, sitting on the floor while reading the first few pages of an unknown story.
So that's what I did yesterday.
And while I had found a book that I can't wait to start, something abducted me into the "Plays-Section".
Here I was, looking at theater plays when something caught my eye.
It was a selection of "Five Modern Noh Plays" by Yukio Mishima.
I started reading right away and...bang.
I was gone.
I didn't realize that I was actually sitting in the middle of the aisle until some dude tried to get through by climbing over my shoulder.
Next thing...I was standing at the counter turning my santa given book into two new exciting publications.
But things didn't stop there.
Doing some research on one of my favorite bands "Anthony and The Johnsons" who made me fall in love with Kazuo Ohno, who introduced me to the dance form called Butoh...I discovered that some of Ohno's choreographies are inspired by Yukio Mishima plays!

Well, some things just happen for a reason and I guess my "Return Mission" just simply proofs how my personal univers can't be tricked and how much it influences me.
Here some images of Kazuo Ohno in action:

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