One of my favorite Illustrators these days.
Reminds me a lot of Egon Schiele, but with a personal touch.
I find the contrast between the rather rough outlines and the more precise facial parts very interesting.
Would love to own a few of his drawings with a chunky, old, golden wooden-frame!
I would probably hang them into my kids bedroom...
One day...
One day!

Trippin' in Daylesford.

This weekend we went to Daylesford, 1 1/2 hours outside of Melbourne.
After getting there quite late we not only missed part of the few sun rays struggling their way through grey clouds, but we also realized that we were too late for the desperately longed-for PUB FOOD!
Instead of sausages and mash we ended up having pear-gorgonzola pizza!
But what our trip was really about was ONE DAY ON EARTH!
Owned by Melbourne based artist Dave Bromley, this industrial warehouse is filled with the most beautiful furniture!
Furniture with history and charm.
Furniture that I didn't dare to look at the prices, but that represent my dream of living in a warehouse full of industrial items, filled with illustrative books and chandeliers that are attached to a steel supported roof.
My eyes got bigger and bigger and I was enchanted by all this beauty.
The day had been very rainy and awful, but when we stepped outside this Wunderkammer, the most wonderful autumn light touched our faces!
So we decided to quickly stop at the small Daylesford cemetery and catch some rays with our camera.
This is the outcome of a great Sunday afternoon, somewhere between Melbourne and my future...