My Mirror.

In The Beginning...

...you feel this blend of euphoria and motivation.
It seems as if everything is possible and nothing, not a tiny little stone, is gonna get into your way.
The direction is clear- towards the moon.
Touching the stars.
Watching the world from above.
Floating in zero-gravity
Always following that smooth yellow light which burns inside of you.
Don’t look aside and compare yourself to others, too much distraction.

Stay focused and happiness will paint a smile on your face.

But what if the moon is hiding itself behind the bright southern sun?
What if you are blinded and the world becomes all blurry?
How will you ever reach it and do all those promising things you’ve dreamt of?

Will you loose your focus?
This essential tool that you wanted to built your future with?

If so, you need to do EVERYTHING you can to get back your clear vision.
Sometimes it comes back quiet quickly, other times it takes years.

Don’t waste your time using a sponge to wipe off this fuzziness..
It won’t work.

Use your time to find other ways to get up there.
These astrological elements will stay right where they are.
Don’t worry about that.

Stay earthed.
Get involved.
Jump onto the helix, called life.

In the beginning it feels as if life is holding you back.
As if sleeping your days away seems like the better option.

Wake up!


A few days, weeks or even months will pass, and you realize that there is still only brightness around you.
Your shadow, your only sign of existence, has become invisible.
Differentiation impossible.

Where are you?
Where is your place in this world?

Meanwhile, you wash yourself in experiences, follow some random paths, leaving different marks.

You have learned a lot, but as time passed by you forgot to look up.
You have been mislead.
But above you, a new day is about to be born.
Laying in labor.

The sky, who gives hope and shelter, has turned into different shades of red and purple.

The moon.
Silent, wise warrior.
With his ever changing face.

Jump now.
Get up there. Leave everything behind.
Reach the stars.

She says:„The moon is my mirror and every day I’m a new girl.“

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