Isabella Blow

I love hats.
I am convinced that hats are even more efficient than plastic surgery.
Knowing that 4 of my friends, aged 25 or under, have been re-modulating themselves with the aid of scalpels and tissues, I am certain that hats are the more fashionable option.
The give me a feeling of extravagance and differentiation.
When wearing one of my hats, I feel as if everything around me doesn't matter.
I am in my little bubble.
My hat-bubble.
Unfortunately, I have a very stubborn hair structure, which influences my hat-days.
My often undefined curls need to be restrained into a chignon, which means time-out for my beloved headgear.

One, who seems to share my passion was Isabella Blow.
Probably a little bit more free-spirited when it comes to her choice of hats, she wore them wherever, whenever as a sign of creativity and outspokenness.

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