Age Is Just Number...

The more I think about it, the more I realize that I adore Old People.

I love the way they walk, cuddle, smile, dress...
It started when I was very young.

Watching old people getting off the bus or sitting in a park chatting peacefully to one another, just always made me sentimental.
I am sure it had something to do with me spending every weekend or holidays with my grandparents.
Those two people are the most precious human beings in the universe to me.
They are cute as candy and so innocent (even though I know that is NOT TRUE:)!).

Oma and Opa just made my childhood colorful.
Treating me like a princess, telling me stories and caressing my back until I would fall asleep are only a few things that I just started appreciating now that I am older.

Not only did they show me what unconditional love is, they also presented a world to me as pure as lollipop.
Even though living in a big city, my weekends and holidays spent in a small country town near Berlin with my grandparents turned me into nature's own creation.
Walking around naked (at the age of 10!), looking for mushrooms in the forest, climbing trees (not knowing how to get back to the ground!), swimming in lakes and being surrounded by rabbits provided me with a ration of innocence that lingers inside of me even to this day.

But growing up isn't easy and so I had to accustom myself to the world.

But having had a childhood without fears and filled with dreams, made me who I am today.
Life can be strange and full of awkward moments, but knowing what it means to be careless makes everyday worthwhile.
A little homage to growing old...

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