When it comes football, I am lousy.
I don't really know any strategies nor do I know most of the players names...
But once every four years I turn into a bogan.
For these few weeks, my whole life spins around men chasing a ball.

My agenda becomes a neon marked disaster, full of timetables and country names!

I try to be present for each match; with a beer or more likely cider in my hand and the German flag painted on my face!

Having lived in several countries over the last 8 years, I wouldn't call myself a patriot.
But during the World Cup, I try struggle hiding my tears that stream down my cheeks whenever that meaningful ball doesn't go my way...

It's a drug and I am officially addicted.

Counting down the days for this years World Cup keeps me busy, until my departure back to Berlin.
And I can't wait for the 13th of June when Germany plays Australia!
Until then, I am spoon-feeding my enthusiasm with these videos...:

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