Lie To Me...!


A microexpression is a brief, involuntary facial expression shown on the face of humans when one is trying to conceal or repress an emotion. They usually occur in high stakes situations, where people have something to lose or gain. Unlike regular facial expressions, few can fake a microexpression (it is possible to voluntarily stress some facial muscles to replicate micro-expressions). They consist of and completely resemble the seven universal emotions: disgust, anger, fear, sadness, happiness, surprise, and contempt. Microexpressions can occur as fast as 1/25 of a second.

Last night, we were having mexican lasagne while enjoying my so far favorite TV show here in Australia called "Lie To Me".
It is an american television series based on the real-life scientific discoveries of the "Wizards Project".

Dr.Cal Lightman, is a psychologist with an expertise in body language and especially microexpressions, and founder of The Lightman Group, a private company that operates as an independent contractor to assist investigations of local and federal law enforcement through applied psychology. His mother committed suicide while he was still young, an event that led him to discovering and researching microexpressions. character is based on Dr. Paul Ekman, a notable psychologist and expert on body language and facial expressions at UC San Francisco.

Lovin' it!

P.s: Doesn't Dr.Cal Lightman seem familiar to you?!
It's Tim Roth! Doing a great job in "Four Rooms" directed, among others, by Quentin Tarantino...

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