Martyn Colbeck

The other day, I was sitting at home, enjoying breakfast and switching on the TV when I came across a documentary about elephants by Martyn Colbeck.

I was impressed!

Not only by it's beautiful images and footage, but also by how amazing these animals are!
Since I was little, I made these gigantic animals my best friend.
My first cuddle toy was a pink once round later, after I used him as a pillow for many nights, rather flat elephant, named Eli.

What fascinates me is how such a massive and thick-skinned animal that weights up to 12,000 kg can seem so vulnerable!
It's in their eyes, I believe.

That's where the reflection of their soul reveals feelings that seem to be stronger than you would ever experience with any other animal.

Not only do they mourn for quiet a long time whenever any of their family members dies, but also always stick together and show loyalty for one another.

Martyn Colbeck's documentary is an amazing tribute, filled with stunning moments that kept me struggling between crying and laughing, to a species so wonderful and sensible that I realized at one point of my matinée, that I had completely forgotten about my now cold but still filled to the-top-of-the-cup morning tea!
Check out some images:

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